Small Sex Doll

A Shirley man was arrested after eBay notified state police that he had purchased a doll shaped and sized like a child. But the dolls are not illegal, and they can fuel a variety of paraphilic fantasies that would otherwise be difficult to enact in a consensual way.

Torso dolls are available with a wide range of accessories, from wigs and teeth to tongues and even penises, alongside internal heating for their genitals. Some stores also sell lubricant.


Sex dolls are used for a variety of purposes. While sexual gratification is certainly a large factor in their popularity, they can also serve as companions for people with limited social connections. They can stave off loneliness for some individuals, particularly those with disabilities or chronic illnesses that leave them unable to interact with others.

Currently, there are two main types of sex doll material: silicone and TPE. Silicone is a high-performance medical grade rubber that is both hygienic and safe to use. It is a popular choice for sex dolls because it is pliable, durable and provides a realistic look and feel. TPE is an alternative to silicone and offers a more affordable option with similar characteristics.

A genuine supplier will work closely with a manufacturer and prioritize customer satisfaction over financial gains. Moreover, they will provide a money-back guarantee for their products. A good supplier will also offer detailed instructions on the proper care and maintenance of a love doll.

There are many factors to consider when purchasing a sex doll, from its material to its weight and height. A sex doll should be comfortable to hold and have a natural body shape. It should also have a firm, lifelike grip. Some models can be outfitted with removable vaginas, which allow for easy cleaning and maintenance.


Sex dolls can be made of different materials, but most are silicone or thermoplastic elastomer (TPE). They are available in all shapes and sizes. Some are life-like, while others are purely aesthetic. They are used as companions and are often a source of sexual fantasies. These fantasies are usually sexually explicit and may involve oral, intercourse, and genital penetration. Some sex doll owners have reported having sexual relationships with their dolls, while others describe using them for masturbation alone or in private.

Many publications focus on the fetishism and objectification of sex dolls. These publications argue that men’s use of sex dolls is indicative of a desire for fantasy partners. Some also suggest that sex dolls are an extension of patriarchal gender relations and are part of the history of masculine sexual objectification. For example, the mythical Greek king of Cyprus, Pygmalion, created an ivory sculpture of his ideal woman, and later found himself falling in love with her.

Other sex doll publications analyze men’s relationships with their sex dolls in a more empathetic and romantic way. For example, the movie Lars and the Real Girl (2007) is analyzed from a psychoanalytic perspective to show how the fictional character, Lars, bonds with his sex doll Bianca. Lars treats Bianca as his partner and their relationship transcends traditional sex doll play.


Small sex dolls can be used for many purposes, from play to sexual exploration. They are a risk-free way to try new fantasies and can be a great stand-in if your partner isn’t into it. They can also be used as a companion for people who are lonely or grieving. Often, sex dolls will be scented to add an extra element of pleasure to the experience.

The sex doll industry has generated significant media interest, but the academic literature on the subject is limited. Most research is based on convenience samples and single-case studies, which limit generalizability. Collaborations between sex researchers, sex doll users, and designers could provide valuable insights into the design, use, and effects of these products.

It is important to understand the function of sex dolls in order to make informed decisions about their safety and use. Although some sex doll owners claim that their dolls have cathartic and emotional functions, the evidence for this is weak. Moreover, there is no evidence that the ownership of child-like dolls is related to sexual aggression or proclivities for child sexual abuse.

In fact, the majority of doll owners report using their dolls for nonsexual reasons, such as photography and companionship. These functions are more highly endorsed than the use of dolls for sexual gratification. While sex dolls are not widely accepted in society, they offer people an alternative to traditional sexual experiences.


It is important to take a number of safety measures when using a small sex doll. The most important thing is to keep the doll discreetly hidden away from people who don’t know about it. This will help to prevent them from gossiping and possibly damaging your reputation.

Another important point is to keep the sex doll clean. This will prevent it from becoming contaminated by germs and bacteria. The toy should be cleaned regularly, particularly after each use. Alternatively, it can be sterilized with a UV sterilisation rod. It is also a good idea to apply renewal powder to the sex doll, which will prolong its lifespan and enhance pleasure.

Lastly, it is essential to set boundaries. This is something that many people struggle with, but it is important to do so to avoid damage to oneself and other people. It is especially crucial to do so when it comes to sex dolls, as gossip about them can ruin a person’s career and relationships.

There are a number of ways to carry sex dolls, and the most popular is to place them in a padded storage bag. This will protect them from compression marks and damage to the material. A sex doll can also be stored in a cabinet with a drawer that allows for the various accessories, clothes and maintenance items to be discreetly placed within.