Online Meat Boxes

Online meat boxes can be a great way to keep your freezer stocked with high quality cuts of meat. They offer a wide variety of meat selections and can be delivered right to your doorstep.

Some companies specialize in grass-fed meats with full transparency about where their products come from, while others focus on artisan producers using age-old traditions to cure premium meats.


This online butcher offers subscriptions to a range of meat boxes that include cured meats, smoked bacon and fresh cuts of pork, beef and chicken. The subscriptions start at $65 per month and shipping is free.

The company works with small farms that focus on raising heritage breeds to create richer meat with more marbling and flavour. Its Essentials box includes cuts like heritage minced lamb, bavette steak and smoked back bacon. Its meat is free from antibiotics, steroids and hormones.

The company also focuses on sourcing sustainable seafood, and many of its products are organic, paleo or halal. It is a good choice for people who are looking for high-quality meat without the pricier price tag of some of its competitors.


Whether you’re shopping for yourself, a meat-loving friend or a holiday gift, online meat boxes are a great way to get high-quality protein delivered to your door. Some offer curated box subscriptions while others allow you to customize your order and select specific cuts of meat.

Founded in 2015, Butcher Box is a popular choice for those who want to try different kinds of meats without having to visit a specialty shop. It works with a network of farmers and fishermen to provide grass-fed, free-range and humanely raised meats and seafood. The company prioritizes transparency and sustainability in its sourcing practices and has received certifications from several organizations.

Pre is a great option for those who want to switch to a more health-focused diet. Its box subscriptions include a variety of meat, from ground beef to a pack of impossibly tender grass-fed ribeyes. It also offers a wide selection of other organic, grass-fed and grain-free cuts.

Ease of use

Grass Roots delivers grass-fed beef, organic chicken, free-range pork and wild-caught seafood to your door in boxes that are flash-frozen. They also provide information on where the meat comes from, making it ideal for consumers who care about transparency. The service offers a variety of options for ordering, including an a la carte menu and subscription plans that ship monthly. Customers can choose from a small sampler, a medium box or a large box that includes flank steaks, ground beef, bone-in pork chops and sockeye salmon filets.

The company offers a variety of customizable subscription plans, from curated to basic, that are suitable for all types of households. The custom option allows you to add on items or exclude proteins you can’t eat, while the curated plan is similar to the basic box and is best for those with specific dietary preferences. The company’s website also features a wealth of recipes and kitchen hacks for its members.


A good online meat box service offers a premium alternative to grocery store protein. While the price is higher, it reflects the cost of raising animals sustainably. In addition, the meats are often higher quality and can be frozen for later use. You can also choose from a variety of subscription options. Whether you’re looking for a gift for a meat lover or just want to try a new cut of beef, these services are worth considering.

A popular option is Butcher Box, which delivers grass-fed beef, heritage breed pork, and organic chicken to your door. The boxes are curated and range in size from small to large. You can also customize your box with extra proteins and add on items.