iPhone Screen Repair West Auckland

If your iPhone has a broken screen or any other issue, we can fix it. Most repairs are done in thirty minutes or less. All our work is backed by a one year warranty.

Apple has spent years lobbying against people trying to repair their own devices without its tools and genuine Apple parts. But now the company is finally allowing it.

Why choose TechnoFix?

We offer a wide range of solutions for any issues that may be hindering your mobile experience. From fixing speaker issues to a full screen replacement, our technicians will ensure that your device is fully functional again so you can stay connected and productive on the go. We are also the most affordable choice for Apple repairs in West Auckland. Unlike Apple, we are not in the business of selling you new devices, we are in the business of fixing them.

Broken screen

Broken screens can be caused by a variety of reasons such as dropping the phone or getting it wet. These can affect the overall experience of using the device. TechnoFIX Papakura can help you get back the full functionality of your mobile phone by replacing the screen.

This meticulous process involves substituting a damaged smartphone screen with a brand-new one. It breathes life back into your device’s visual presentation, akin to rejuvenating a classic artwork.

Our technicians have the experience to repair your iPhone or Samsung’s cracked screen, preserving its pristine appearance. This can add to its resale value, increasing the return you get when you sell it on. In addition, a clean screen helps to prevent further damage to your device’s LCD. So don’t hesitate, visit our local service centers.

Battery issues

Having an iPhone that won’t hold a charge or drains quickly can put a damper on your productivity. Luckily, TechnoFix can solve this issue with a simple battery replacement.

We also resolve issues with earpieces and microphones, as well as home buttons that no longer work. These issues can be fixed with a flex replacement, which takes about 20 minutes. If your volume buttons aren’t working, we can fix this with a flex replacement as well, taking around 30-60 minutes. This service includes a new or previously used Apple genuine part, which has been tested and passed functional requirements. This is a non-warranty service. Apple may need to test the product to determine if it can be repaired or replaced under warranty.

Speaker issues

If your device is no longer playing loud or clear, or has a broken speaker, it can be quite annoying and impact productivity. We can fix this issue quickly and get you back to work, with a new working speaker in your phone. Before visiting a repair shop, remove any cases or screen protectors from the phone, and check that the speaker opening is not blocked or dirty. You can also try cleaning the receiver opening with a small brush, and see if this helps. Apple-authorised repair shops will use genuine parts to perform repairs. This includes insurance and warranty repairs as well as non-warranty repairs.

Broken buttons

Whether you have an iPhone with a broken volume button, earpiece, microphone or home button, we can help. We offer a fast, high quality iPhone repair west Auckland service that can be done while you wait. Home buttons and volume flexes can be replaced in 30-60 minutes, while charging issues can often be resolved with a replacement charger port in just 20 minutes. All of our repairs are performed using genuine Apple parts. We stand by our work with a 1-year warranty on all repairs.