Choose an Immigration Lawyer With Experience

Immigration law can be a complex matter. You should choose a lawyer with extensive experience in this area. A good lawyer will ensure that your application is accurate and complete. This will increase your chances of success.

A top immigration lawyer has been suspended for allegedly telling vulnerable clients she had filed their visa applications when she did not. Raminderjit Kaur Dhillon was found guilty by a tribunal.

David Pawson

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Licensed immigration advisers are trained to provide legal advice and services for all types of visa cases in Tauranga. These professionals have completed an undergraduate degree, a law degree and a period of practical training. They are able to offer more in-depth legal analysis and develop more effective legal strategies than immigration consultants. They can also handle more complex immigration cases, including judicial reviews and refugee law-related matters. They are also better equipped to handle complicated issues like criminal inadmissibility and misrepresentation. They can also help migrant workers with work and residence visa applications. They can help migrants avoid costly mistakes that could lead to visa rejections.

Paul Milne

If you need immigration advice, it’s best to seek the help of a licensed advisor. There are many registered advisers in Tauranga, and you can check the Immigration Advisers Authority’s register to find one. If you suspect an adviser is not licensed, you can file a complaint with the agency.

Immigration lawyers are better suited to assist with complex immigration cases. They have a comprehensive legal education and can provide more in-depth analysis than immigration consultants. They can also help you develop effective legal strategies and represent you before the government on your behalf.

Eleanor has a LLB/BA conjoint degree from Auckland University and is passionate about getting the best outcome for her clients. She regularly appears in the District and High Courts. She has assisted employers with practical solutions, high-net worth individuals with tailored strategies, and skilled migrants and their families to gain residency. She has also successfully requested character waivers, medical waivers, and ministerial special directions.

Kim Saull

After graduating with a degree in psychology, Pat worked as a receptionist at Kim’s firm. She later commenced her immigration career and currently operates at e-Migration NZ in Auckland. She is a registered senior immigration advisor and has been helping people from all over the world. Her expertise covers investment, skilled migrant, family, work to residence, and returning resident visas.

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Lauren Qiu

Lauren is a principal at Stay Legal, an immigration law firm that specialises in working visas. She is an experienced specialist immigration lawyer tauranga who provides honest advice and practical solutions. She has presented at national and regional seminars on immigration law, and is also a guest lecturer teaching aspiring immigration advisers.

She has a strong interest in all areas of immigration and New Zealand law, and enjoys assisting her clients with their migration journey. She is compassionate and strives to work with her clients to reach their long-term goals.

Charlotte has specialised expertise in immigration-related health matters, particularly those that involve complex medical conditions. She has advised on a number of cases, including those involving rare diseases, HIV, hepatitis C, and psychiatric illnesses. She has also worked on a range of other complex immigration-related health issues, including ministerial requests and appeals. She is an accredited immigration adviser and has a strong track record in representing high-profile clients.