Anti Snoring Devices


The good news about most anti-snoring devices is that they are safe, simple, and don’t require a prescription. In fact, many of these devices can be purchased over the counter. You might need a prescription for more sophisticated devices, however. Read on for more information about the different devices available on the market. You can choose from the Smart Nora, QinuxLeep, VitalSleep, and SnoreRx.
Smart Nora

The Smart Nora anti snoring solution is the most advanced snoring device available on the market today. It is designed to work by sensing the snoring sounds and automatically adjusting its position accordingly. The device is easy to use and install and requires three hours of charging time. It is not painful and does not interfere with your comfort during the night. However, if you have allergies or other health issues that make you snore, this device may not be the right choice.

This portable device is designed to stimulate the throat and respiratory muscles while a person sleeps. It works by stimulating the breathing muscles with a pulse of 10 to 1500 Hz. The device connects to your phone and analyzes your sleep patterns so that you can adjust the sensitivity level to fit your needs. The QinuxLeep also offers a sleep monitoring feature, so you can know how well you are sleeping.

The VitalSleep is a low-profile anti-snoring device with a large center opening. It also features an adjustable lower tray that molds to the user’s mouth and gums. Because it adjusts in small increments, the mouthpiece is fully adjustable for the snorer’s unique situation. A VitalSleep mouthpiece is comfortable and durable, and you can adjust its size according to the severity of snoring.

If you’re a sleep apnea sufferer, you should consider purchasing a SnoreRx anti snore mouthpiece. This custom-fit mouthpiece is made by a reputable company that’s been in business for over ten years. Many consumers have reported positive results, and the device is certainly worth a try. To learn more about this mouthpiece, read on.
SleepTight Mouthpiece

The SleepTight mouthpiece is an anti-snoring device that combines two different approaches to open up the airway. Its unique design holds the jaw in place and pulls the tongue forward, which prevents the airway from becoming blocked. The product is available online and through authorized dealers. To purchase one, a user must complete a questionnaire. SleepTight is available for adults only, so it is not appropriate for children or for those with severe OSA.
Customizable MAD models

If you are looking for a mouthpiece that will stop snoring, you may be interested in MAD models. These devices are worn in the mouth and advance the jaw by one millimeter each time you put it in. The VitalSleep and SnoreRX mouthpieces can be adjusted manually in increments of 1 millimeter, while the ZQuiet device automatically adjusts itself using a flexible hinge. Snoring devices work by advancing the jaw forward, preventing it from snoring by widening the airway passage.

The ZQuiet anti-snoring device is an FDA-approved, self-molded mouthpiece that prevents snoring at its source. This device can prevent snoring on its first night, thanks to its design. It also works by gently repositioning the lower jaw to prevent vibration and prevents the tongue and soft tissues from falling back into the airway. Made of medical grade thermoplastic and BPA-free plastic, the mouthpiece is ready-to-use out of the box.