Waitaki District Mayor
September 28th, 2010

How important is it for you to keep as many services as possible at Oamaru Hospital?


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Awaiting response

Hi Rowena

Thanks for the question. I\'m proud of the Oamaru Hospital and what it already does. As a community-owned facility I do believe we have maintained a wider range of services than we otherwise would have however I would like to see more. Some people have commented that the hospital is a glorified first-aid centre which is unfair on the skilled staff we have there. The fact that we have a radiography service many hospitals are envious of is another indicator of its capabilities. Overall, I want to see as many services as possible, but realise this has to be measured against the cost and the availability of services in Dunedin. I\'m very keen to work with the board and staff to lobby for the maintenance and improvement of services required by our community.

Thanks, Gary.