Christchurch City Council - Shirley-Papanui Ward
October 5th, 2010

The recent Earthquake has changed the city of Christchurch forever. What will you do if elected to council, to ensure our city and suburban shopping areas are not left with spaces where buildings are removed, and nothing built to replace them?

How will you work to revitalise our central city?


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Good question Ana

I am currently a participant in a group looking to setup the \"Greening the Rubble\" iniatiative which we hope will see some placement of native plants in bulldozed and empty sections until rebuild happens. (There are some logistical issues that need sorting before we can get under way.)

Revitalizing our central city will take careful consideration of incentives for green rebuild that is sympathetic to current streetscapes, possibly including change of use to allow for new residences to be included. Parking reform should be considered


Jane Demeter

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Several things are needed to help rebuild the suburban shopping areas, like St Albans and Edgeware, where a number of small \"strip shops\" have been destroyed, fast demolition and removal, quick insurance claim processing and payout, and assistance to design and plan the replacements. This will also include fast tracking of consents to rebuild. Usually this is a 12 month process from start to finish, it would be great to see these done in 6 months.

Local \"strip shops\" are a vital community hub and give a suburb a sense of identity. Many of those lost where old brick building, with modern building processes these can be replaced quickly and easily with nice modern brick constructions.


Revitalisation of the city is a key issue, but we do not want to create low value housing which turns the city into a getto. We need a new plan to create a mix of housing concepts for young and old, and also a focus on entertainment and retail. The tram is a nice visitors attraction, but not something that will hep bring people back into the central city to live.

One problem is that the value of land in the CBD is very high and it allows high density housing, which often can be cheaply built and people are squashed into townhouses, we need a variety of designs to allow a good mix of people living in the central city.


With the loss of some heritage buildings these need to be replaced with buildings of the future that draw high value commercial rents and new business\'s to Christchurch which is the capital of the South Island. We have modern industrial park / business centre scattered around the suburbs, where in most large cities around the world the CBD is just that THE CENTRAL BUSINESS DISTRICT.




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