Electing 2 Board Members

  1. Bottom-line is that the business must be run well and be profitable. Without this there are no funds to share with community organisations.
    So there are strategic issues which the board, along with senior management has to address to make sure that this continues to happen.
  2. How to respond to supermarket competition.
  3. Continuing to consider where it is best ( priority community needs, types of community organisations ) to distribute the funds.
  4. To ensure the business is socially responsible - managing the sale of liquor and gambling opportunities with the need to respond to changing views about the availability of alcohol and
    to the consequences for people who cannot moderate the usage.
  1. 1. Auckland Transport
    The most important immediate goal for the new council is to complete the already approved Auckland (e.g. Waterview connection) public transport projects - both rail and motorway projects. Then the priorities should be modern electric trains and integrated ticketing, followed by the downtown underground train loop. We don’t urgently need a rail line to the Auckland airport because airport visitor numbers are not anywhere near sufficient to justify the massive investment, but we do need a second harbour bridge/tunnel (with rail capacity) within a decade. Needless to say it is imperative we convert Aucklanders once and for all to mass public transport. People also want to exercise more today and it is our public duty to provide high quality footpaths and cycle ways across all wards of Auckland so everyone can be more mobile if we want.
  2. 2. Auckland Strategic Assets
    Auckland’s strategic assets are our family jewels and must be kept in public ownership - to be treasured and retained so future generations can benefit from them also. Aucklanders should always own 100% of our water infrastructure assets, and the cornerstone investments in Ports of Auckland, Auckland Airport and other public infrastructure assets should be enhanced. The council-controlled organisations (CCOs) are powerful beasts that will require very careful monitoring and strict control. It is crucial that the Council sets tightly defined strategies for each CCO and then ensures they deliver on that agreed strategy.
  3. 3. Avondale Racecourse
    The number one local issue! This irreplaceable, historic (Avondale Racing Club formed 1890), large green space must become Avondale’s new public park. The rugby, soccer and cricket fields would form the core of the park in which the long promised ward swimming complex would also be located. Needless to say the successful, colourful, vibrant Avondale Sunday Market must be retained. This Avondale park would then be one end of a new “Whau recreational quarter” with a restored Whau river linking it to New Lynn’s Olympic Park. Saving the sports fields and Sunday Market and getting the long promised swimming complex in a new Avondale public park is what we want. We definitely don’t want another uninspiring housing development eating up this irreplaceable green space.
  4. 4. Our Town Centres
    I have played an important role in Waitakere City and central Government transforming the New Lynn township and transport hub into a modern, prosperous thriving town centre. The $400 million investment in the rail trench, the ultra-modern train station, the road alterations, and Olympic Park’s redevelopment is delivering prosperity and a bright economic future for New Lynn. Increased apartment living is set to significantly increase the population and help drive the local New Lynn economy further. In contrast the Avondale township is tired and the Racecourse virtually abandoned. There is no town park, the swimming complex has yet again been shelved with the money being spent in the eastern suburbs and even the Racecourse sports fields are threatened with commercial and housing developments. It is fair enough to say Citizens and Ratepayers and successive Auckland councils have virtually ignored Avondale and New Windsor. We want to bring the same energy, excitement and vision that we have shown in New Lynn, to the Avondale town centre.
  5. 5. Our Environment
    I am proud of being a key sponsor of the Waitakere Ranges Heritage Act thereby ensuring the Ranges are now protected forever. Ark in the Park is a brilliant project eliminating predators in the bush and bringing endangered birds back to their old home in the Ranges. Our main environmental challenge in our Whau ward is cleaning up the degraded Whau waterways. Adoption of Waitakere’s award winning Project Twin Streams system would restore the river and banks into beautiful places for people to access and enjoy. One of the Whau Local Board’s first tasks must be to list and protect all trees worthy of protection - all trees like the threatened Rosebank Road oak and pohutakawa must be saved for future generations.

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