Electing 3 Board Members

  1. Investment in quality recreational facilities, both build and green open space, that provide Aucklanders with a variety of opportunities. Upgrading playing surfaces, training lights, and carparks. Ensure parks are good save places to spend recreational time.
  2. Development of the Manukau foreshore at Onehunga as the iconic gate way to the Auckland Ithmus. Further protection of the Manukau and our two other harbours.
  3. Getting rail to the airport via Onehunga as soon as practical, ensuring that the Onehunga branch line is well used and its corridor maintained.
  4. Encouraging the enhancement of the industrial area, while supporting an interface zone between commercial land use and neighbouring residential areas.
  5. Listening to and then ensuring Maungakiekie people retain their identity, voice and independence in the new larger city. Build team work in the local board so it becomes a strong and vital part of local body decision making.

No issues on file for Roshni Golian.

  1. 1. Working through all foreshore issues to reach a successful outcome for the community, including the protection of the Manukau Harbour.
  2. 2. Improving the traffic issues in Onehunga which may include negotiating a link between State Highway 20 and State Highway 1
  3. 3. Advocating for future rail links to the airport and to Avondale, and making sure that these are planned for so the community is not compromised.
  4. 4. Giving real protection to the built and natural heritage of the Maungakiekie area.
  5. 5. Encouraging the enhancement of the industrial area, and supporting an interfacing zone between this and neighbouring residential areas
  1. Protect our community with a zero tolerance for graffiti & crime

  2. Better communication & effective consultation with the community
  3. Effective plans & projects without unproductive political & personal agendas
  4. Support of transport projects that offer true benefits to the greater community including: the Airport Rail Link & Manuaku Harbour Transport Services
  5. Enhance & protect the character of our town centre & it’s heritage to help create a prosperous & vibrant community. To achieve this we must also celebrate our social, cultural & age diversity as we work together for a better future for our children & grand children
  1. Transportation and movement: Let's strive for bus and train options that really work, and also get the roads right and improve cycling and walking options.
  2. Economic prosperity and business growth: Economic/business development gives us jobs and choices and makes our area attractive. We must think strategically, build on our strengths and grow the Maungakiekie economy.
  3. Evironmental protection and enhancement: Let's ensure we have an environment to be proud. That will make us feel good - and encourage us to stay and others to come and further enhance our great place.
  4. Youth development and engagement: Youth are our future and we need to do the best we can for them and ask also for their contribution.
  5. Community engagement: listening to and engaging with the community to ensure cultural activities and events are promoted and we have a thriving, engaged and proud Maungakiekie.
  1. Making sure the people of Maungakiekie retain their identity, voice and independence in the new supercity
  2. Getting rail to the airport via Onehunga, and ensuring that the Onehunga branch line is well used
  3. Sorting out the issues of traffic congestion in the area with proper integrated planning
  4. Increasing the number and quality of local parks and sports fields
  5. Ensuring community groups, events and projects are funded in a way that gives them long term certainty

No issues on file for Joseph Rebello.

No issues on file for Kane Te Waaka.

No issues on file for Walter Wi-Peri.