Electing 7 Board Members

No issues on file for Les Dixon.

  1. Protection of the Manukau Harbour
  2. Improved public transport, with direct rail and bus services through Mangere Bridge to the airport and Manukau
  3. Consultation with Tangata Whenua
  4. Retention of Council owned housing for the elderly
  5. Community participation in Local Board decisions

No issues on file for Jugjeet Giarn.

No issues on file for Mohammad Tauqir Khan.

No issues on file for Tofilau Esther Lakisa.

  1. Environment and Safe Neighbourhood – enjoy a safe, clean and caring neigbourhood, get to know local people and work closely to build the best place in Auckland
  2. Education – available of early childhood centres, trainings and career development for youth and families. Promoting technical and apprenticeship trainings
  3. Health – access to appropriate and high quality healht care, improve health outcomes and promote total health and welbeing, preventing obesity epidemic, food insecurity, safe and affordable exercise facilities, regional park, swimming pools
  4. Employment – address the high unemployment rates, strategies for job oppourtunities, encouraging education and professional trainings, equipped our people for more employment choices and careers
  5. Family values and identidy – respecting our diversity, strengthen family values, culutral differences and promote working collaboratively in all levels, addressing local needs and hold accountablility to all stakeholders. Faith and core values of life
  1. Ensuring the voices of the people of Mangere-Otahuhu are heard in the decisionmaking processes of the Auckland Council - decisions must be as locally as possible and consultation must be genuine.
  2. No sales of strategic assets, for example, the Auckland Airport shares.
  3. Excellent community facilities such as parks, libraries and swimming pools, particularly the completion of the recreation precinct in Otahuhu with a new library and pool.
  4. Advocating for improved public transport services for residents and businesses, including direct links through Mangere Bridge to the airport.
  5. Working for maximum accountability and transparency of Auckland CCOs.

No issues on file for Brian Pilkington.

  1. Enhancement of opportunities for youth
  2. Safe and secure communities across Mangere-Otahuhu
  3. Resourcing for effective social support groups and agencies
  4. Free access to community facilities such as libraries and swimming pools
  5. Community control of the number of liquor outlets in their locality
  1. Less bureaucracy and more front-line care for patients.

  2. The involvement of front-line health professionals in decision making.
  3. Addressing growing life-style disease epidemics such as diabetes, obesity which place a heavy financial burden upon the health budget.
  4. Timely patient access to urgently needed surgery and health services whilst reducing hospital waiting lists.
  5. Prudent spending, financial responsibility and accountability, e.g. Encouraging collaborative efforts between all 21 DHB’s to avoid duplication and resource wastage.
  1. Improved public facilities and amenities in Mangere-Otahuhu
  2. Pacific health and wellbeing, particularly of the elderly
  3. Improvements in community safety and pride
  4. Retaining public ownership of public assets, such as the Auckland airport shares
  5. Supporting local businesses
  1. Ensuring the development of local solutions to local issues
  2. Role of Local Boards, particularly in developing policy and in planning
  3. Relationship of Local Boards to the Regional structures
  4. Resource Management
  5. Community development, particularly assisting Pasifika organisations and not-for-profits with education about governance structures
  1. Excellent facilities including free access to swimming pools across the Ward
  2. Completion of the recreation precinct in Otahuhu
  3. Safe and secure communities in Mangere-Otahuhu
  4. Encouragement and support for youth development
  5. Supporting community groups and encouraging them to build capacity

No issues on file for Ken Taylor.

  1. Keeping land & water rates affordable
  2. Bulilding a clean safe and secure environment

    Safe city
  3. Investing in parks, sports and playing fields
  4. Creating employment through tourism and developing the tourist potential in our region
  5. Retsin ownership of council assets and particularly our Airport shares
  1. Excellent sports facilities in Mangere-Otahuhu including a swimming pool for Otahuhu
  2. Consultation with Tangata Whenua and the wider community
  3. Community safety and wellbeing
  4. Improved public transport
  5. Free libraries and free access to local swimming pools