Electing 8 Board Members

  1. TRANSPORT FOR EVERYONE: Public transport should be reliable, affordable and frequent, providing real travel choices and making it easier for people to leave their cars at home. Critical to this is a smartcard integrated fare system.
  2. OUR ENVIRONMENT: We must protect our most valuable asset and put it at the heart of our decision-making. Our concern is to ensure that our pristine beaches, bush reserves and open spaces remain a priority in future planning.
  3. PROPER REPRESENTATION: We must listen to the concerns of the people and report fairly on the issues they identify.
  4. OUR COMMUNITIES: We must protect the “jewels” in our communities that make them special places to work, rest and play. Promoting sporting activities are an essential feature of healthy communities, and our libraries need to be preserved as valued centres for learning and inspiration.
  5. FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITY: Careful use of rates revenue and other council funds is our chief consideration. Funding decisions must be based on community benefit and value for money.

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  1. Mangroves:

    The one thing that is destroying our beaches is the mangrove infestation; we need to remove large areas and address why they are growing like topsy. The pollution and slit run off is feeding the mangroves and we need to take action similar to Welcome Bay in Tauranga Harbour. Sand has returned where once mud was by removing the rubbish and mangroves and the gentleman responsible received a Queen’s birthday honour. Where is the action from the ARC, if they can do this is Tauranga why is it buried in the courts and the legal system in Auckland.
  2. Onewa Interchange Bus Station:

    People are surprised when told that the council removed the Onewa interchange bus station from the Northern Busway plans. The busway was build with funds from all residents and in turn we should all have access in both directions - north and south. No one could have imagined the major financial crisis of the last 2 years that has created stress on family’s finances. We need a station similar to Sunnynook where locals can walk to the station and commuters from outer areas can interchange onto buses travelling direct to Ponsonby, Newmarket, Unitec and other places.
  3. Walking cycling, taking a bus or ferry:

    I will promote “share with care” width footpaths wide enough for walking, cycling, pushing a pram or using mobility scooters safely.

    We need to encourage each other to be more active and promote healthy lifestyles without creating the “them and us” situation and ensure all users of the road are safe. Transportation options are essential in a modern city and we must encourage commuters to use alternative options. However, to reduce the necessities of motor vehicles public transport must be affordable, reliable, safe and convenient.
  4. Traffic Management:

    We need traffic management that accommodates all users of the road – no need to create a “them and Us” situation with non-motorised road users.

    I am a supporter of the Onewa Road T3 lane as statistics show that 2/3rd of all users in the mornings use the T3 lane. http://www.northshorecity.govt.nz/default.asp?src=http://www.northshorecity.govt.nz/your_council/news_releases/Releases-2008/May/Onewa-Road-works-to-be-complete-in-June.html

    As the cost of running a vehicle continues to rise, the number of bus users and three or more passengers using one vehicle at peak times continues to grow. The T3 lane has been very effective in preventing a worsening of congestion on Onewa Road along with maintaining or reducing the level of emissions.

    The tunnel under Auckland Harbour will necessitate creating access to the motorway system at different points. We don’t want another situation like the Northern busway where Harbour Ward residence contribute to the cost of major infrastructure and have no access. We need real solutions enabling residents to access the motorway system from multiple points. For far to long engineers have slowed the flow of traffic on to State Highway One from Onewa Road; this must be addressed.

    Many local narrow roads are used, as shortcuts at peak times to avoid congestion or intersections not meeting motorist needs.

    1. Potter Avenue Northcote is a narrow local road with access points from Raleigh Rd, Ocean View Rd and Ko Street. This street is a shortcut for morning commuters avoiding the uneven roundabouts at the corner of Lake and Ocean View Roads and Raleigh and Lake Roads.

    2. The intersection of Pupuke, Raleigh and Ocean View Roads; difficult vision and the added pressure of buses turning right from Raleigh into Ocean View having to mount the traffic island to avoid the first waiting car in the Ocean View Rd queue.

    3. Eban Ave, Ocean View Rd and Potter Ave a major intersection on a steep hill that is prone to accidents and another place where buses have to mount the footpath to get around the corner.

    It’s not rocket science; we just want roads that function on and off peak times; by using technology widely available in other parts of the world.
  5. Sewerage:

    I’m concerned that we have paid rates for the last twelve years to ensure that the Bays, Takapuna and Devonport received their sewerage upgrades. Now that it’s our turn, council has decided to defer large projects in this area. The projects are Chatswood/Northcote, Birkdale West, Hillcrest Stream and Glenfield/Sunnynook; these projects impinges on the water quality of Hellyers Creek.

    Just because we can’t see the problem doesn’t mean that it not there.

    We have problems with sewerage overflows even in dry weather let a lone wet weather and councillors attention has been drawn to this problems refer council’s website:

    Agenda and minutes December 2007

    December 17th agenda - order paper page 147, that’s page 149 of the document on the web

    If you look at the minutes for that meeting the mayor proposed the motion and Cr Gillon a Harbour Ward councillor seconded the motion and the motion was carried. There was no division called hence no record of the way councillors voted.

    I protested vigorously regarding the Hillcrest Stream Stage A project deferment as Willow Park School requires an evacuation plan should an overflow occurs. Thankfully this project has been reinstated after some sterling work from David Thornton of the Glenfield Community Board and myself.

    I take the attempts of Mayor Williams (“Wastewater Upgrades”) and Cr Holman (“Voting record says it all”) to discredit me in letters to the editor North shore Times 1/4/08, as a compliment. Devoting so much time and effort to defending criticism of the Councils deferments in the Birkenhead Northcote Community Board area only gives credibility to my point of view.

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  1. This term has been on of fiscal constraint for Council because of hard economic times for our ratepayers and this must continue under the new Auckland Council.

    The transition costs are expected to be about $200million and yet the rates cannot increase to cover this amount. Therefore, we need to be on guard against reduced services and asset sales.

    But, interest rates and construction index stayed relatively high. Transit roading subsidies down $1.3m and so we had to reduce some unnecessary roading projects. The last Council had planned a 8-9% rates rise for this year and we slashed that. But even the current Rates increase 4.7% (or 5.5% incl Amenities funding) is too high for many of our residents. Even with cutting back on projects we were left with a legacy Debt of $438m by October 2010. Currently planned Capital Expenditure is lower over 10 years (than last Council had planned) but still $1.7b planned the next 10 years. The average rates bill for 2009/10 is $123 lower than the last Council planned and rates at 2015/16 will be $440 lower.

    Debt is slightly higher as there is a lower than usual rates income to pay off the principal even though capital projects cut (mainly transport. However, Wastewater projects have increased, to ensure early upgrading to protect beaches and stop overflows, that had been stretched out to past 2024 by the previous council. This essential work will prevent sewerage overflows onto our beaches.
  2. The great danger under the super city is that those elected to Auckland Council will forget who elected them and get caught up in the corporate board of directors approach the new structure encourages. "While the regional perspectives are important to unlocking the enormous growth and prosperity potential of greater Auckland, the best interests of our local communities on the 'Shore have to come top of the list.

    I make no apology for putting the 'Shore first, second and third. That is what people all over the 'Shore have said they want from their new Auckland councillor, and that is exactly what they will get from me.
  3. I will fight to keep our community assets in public hands, especially our precious water infrastructure; for cheaper and more regular public transport, for more investment in local roading and for an early start on the new harbour crossing; for a safer, cleaner environment, protecting our precious coastal pohutukawas, and for a strong, vibrant regional economy.
    I will fight to keep our rates and water charges under control, as the new Council moves to a new uniform rating system and toward volumetric water charging across the region, and to keep a close eye on the enormous debt the new Council will inherit.

    Above all, I will fight to maintain local services and make sure the real power stays in the hands of local people. Only our local boards and communities can prioritise local projects and needs and the boards must be given adequate budgets and resources to achieve our local communities' desires and ambitions.
  4. Auckland must work harder to develop a sustainable community and sustainable city. This means more than a 'green' environment, but that is important.

    We must adopt a cohesive and integrated approach to sustainable living which includes our natural environment, public transport (and walking and cycling) as well as urban design taht encourages environmental and social sustainability. This all needs to be linked into the cultural wellbeing of all our communities.

    Our parks volunteer groups undertake a huge amount of work protecting our recreational areas and as a Councillor I will support this work and advocate for these groups on a regional basis.

    It is incredibly important that we link our town centres with adjacent parks and reserves as a way to ease our growing population pressures. I will support this happening in our town centres as a priority. Our sportsfields are a fantastic community asset and I support them being upgraded so that they can be used for a wider variety of activities. We need to develop artificial sports fields so that our young people and teams can play and practice in all-weather conditions.

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  1. I want to ensure that all people and their communities have their say and have involvement in council decisions, this will be an important responsibility of the local boards.
  2. I will support promotion and continuation of accessible and affordable use of sports, leisure and cultural facilities, outdoor areas and events for people of all ages
  3. I support current use, and continue to elevate use of public transport by ensuring costs and reliability are in touch with user expectations while continuing to be economically viable.
  4. I want to continue making public areas, roads, walkways and reserves designed so they are attractive and can be used any time of day or night and in any weather where possible. Aim to keep the facilities such as toilets, rubbish bins and lighting work in harmony with the existing natural surroundings, so they maintain their beauty but are still user friendly to all members of the community.
  5. I will reinforce realistic goals for people to impact positively on the environment, such as continued promotion of recycling waste, the use of car pool or cycle lanes, planting trees on private or commercial land as well as public land and around areas such as water ways and what we are putting down storm water drains and so on.
  1. Holding the new Auckland Council and CCOs (Council Controlled Organisations) accountable to the local wards. New Auckland Council will be a huge bureaucracy which presents challenges to local boards and councillors. Ensure that the elected Councillor is effective here.
  2. Good local urban design of public space and street network. "Bottom up" approach to local design initiatives with a high level of public and stakeholder consultation. Ensure that new Auckland Council "Spatial Plan" allows this. I have good knowledge and experience of how development, planning, compliance and construction works here.
  3. Ensuring the local voice is heard at Auckland Council level. Given the highly bureaucratic nature of the new Auckland Council, local boards
    need to be powerful. The makeup of the boards need to include people who have experience of dealing with Local Authorities, and interpretting development plans for public works and local development proposals.
  4. Limit annual rates rises by being aware of the cost effectiveness of public works, my experience in the construction industry is useful. Local people need to know that a fare share of their rates are being spent back in the local community, and that their rates are not being used wastefully.
  5. Public transport both bus and rail is very important and is part of the life blood of the city.
    All prosperous cities complement their road network with high quality public transport. For Auckland to realise its potential prosperity it must have good public transport that is reliable, presents options, and that the people want to use. When Auckland is prosperous New Zealand is prosperous.

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    No extravagant spending, Fair spending of the rates, not all being spent in Auckland
  2. NO PRIVATISATION OF WATER or Volumetric Charging for water.
    Volumetric Charging is paying for your waste water according to how much drinkable water you use. This has hiked the rates for residents in some parts of the Auckland Region. It particulary penalises large families. Why should you pay for water you used to wash the car when it doesn't end up leaving your property to get processed, the same with watering your garden, waterblasting etc.
  3. KEEPING TRAFFIC MOVING - high priority for another harbour crossing. Improve Public transport and subsidise it more. If we get more vehicles off the road, less road building and maintenance will be required.
  4. Give plenty of decision making power to the Local Boards, Scrap the CCO's and have Councillors make the decisions. Highly paid Directors are not in touch with the public, in any case, it is jobs for the boys, they will be unelected and not able to be accountable.
  5. SCRAP THE REGIONAL GROWTH STRATEGY. Only Big Business thinks we need to add more and more people to Auckland, so they can milk that cash cow. We are unable to keep up with infrastructure improvements. Lobby central government to encourage people to establish themselves in areas that need expanding by offering incentives to them. We are running out of food providing areas near Auckland.

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  1. Free public transport (PT)
  2. Intelligent phasing of all traffic lights
  3. Removing noisy car mufflers from our streets
  4. No more high-rise more buildings in Birkenhead
  5. No privatisation of any kind of Watercare

    Full details on these issues at www.marshallnz.com

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  1. Maintaining our great lifestyle and fine-tuning our community's resources to make a better, safer, healthier community and environment for all ages.
  2. Ecological and economic sustainability.
    Affordable rates and good value for money.
    Ensuring that the residents of Kaipatiki get their fair share of the pie in the restructured city.
    We have been the "poor relations" for too long in North Shore City. Why have the eastern suburbs got sandy beaches when Northcote-Birkenhead was denied its chance to re-sand its beaches?
  3. Making the most of Kaipatiki's coast, bush and other natural and cultural assets.
    Protecting the harbour for the people who love to go swimming, boating and fishing.
    Protecting our magnificent bush and streams.
    Fostering whitebait and other habitats to improve fishlife in our streams, estuary and harbour.
  4. Better urban design.
    Strong support for our heritage, culture, libraries and arts.
    Improved facilities for sports, children and youth activities and other recreational pursuits.
    Fostering town centre improvements to encourage community vitality.
    Working towards a more attractive interface between malls and the community.
  5. Adopting governance structures and processes that favour consultation, planning, collaboration and constructive outcomes in preference to adversarial factionalism.
    Encouraging community forums to provide grass roots vision-led planning.
    Consultation and commonsense in solving community problems - working for win-win solutions to the Easton Park Parade and Onewa Road issues.
  1. Fair and Reasonable
    Lets all stop, think, and bring back reason and common sense to our decisions and actions. Let’s take off the auto pilot, stop spooning in what is put in front of us and take responsibility and accept accountability. Let us start giving back. Make a plan and fix things rather than leaving them broken.
    This is what is driving me to stand for Local Board.

    I'm not 100% sure this is an 'issue' in the traditional sense but it’s what makes sense to me and driving me.
  2. Community
    As a community we are stronger together.
    Let us take responsibility for our community and work together, step by step, to build a brighter future.
    Let it be said that we on the Shore are proud.
    Let our families find support when they need it and lend support in turn.
    Let us embrace our cultural diversity and common humanity.
    Let us all be sober drivers and responsible drinkers.
    Let us be empowered to expect of ourselves and others the upholding our agreed standards and bylaws for our mutual benefit.
    Lets us all inspire more from each other.

    This may all seem a little utopist but as a community we are in many respects complacent and tired. Caught in the day to day routine. I strongly believe council can help break through this mode.

    I recently attended the Balloons over the Waikato event and was amazed to see something so simple bring so many people together in such a peaceful and enjoyable success.
    This led me to wonder, where is our Balloons over the Shore? Where is out lantern festival.

    I want to see similar community events such as sports days, cultural expos and food events, themed street parades and parties. Let's use our wonderful environment, skilled businesses and talented people on the Shore to come together and enjoy life.
  3. Consumption
    I have been pondering our society’s default setting of consumption of late.
    I myself last year changed my default food setting from consumption to balance and thankfully lost 55kg since, feeling much the better for it I must say.
    So I want us as a council and community to find ways to change our default from consumption to better alternatives.
    Let’s walk away from each opportunity knowing we added value and built a brighter future. Let’s give more than we take.
    Lets develop initiatives such as community gardens, activity/sporting clubs and beautification teams who not only get to do something they enjoy but at the same time give of themselves for the benefit of the community.
    Lets us take our own strengths and success stories and use them to inspire others.
    Let us use our land and buildings for not just places of consumption but places of growth.
  4. Erosive and anti-social behavior
    While central government tackles criminal aspects of our community with legislation let us as an empowered community ask more from ourselves and those who wish to be part of our community with change driven from inside our own homes and local boundaries.
    This can be licensed establishments who allocate some of their margin to taxis at the end of the night or incentives for the sober drivers thus keeping our streets safer for us all.
    This can be local business and schools working together to give students real world work experience during their holidays improving their value to a future employer rather than running rampant without direction adversely impacting the community.
    This can be local special interest groups opening their doors to the wider community to engender understanding, tolerance and appreciation for each other.
    This can be a council who works for both those who vote and those who don’t.
    This can be an early child care facilities that offer their facilities to young families in the evenings to come together so they know they are not alone.

    I want to see us all asking more of our own social responsibilities as we create a safer more harmonious community where we feel at home.
  5. Transport
    Transport seems to be a big topic for Auckland and working in the trucking and freight industry I will have a slightly biased opinion. Using our road, rail and coastal network as productively and efficiently as possible to gain the best returns is the goal. This includes provisioning greater capacity where cost effective, bigger loads (heavier and longer) resulting in fewer journeys and greater productivity, smarter options that better use capacity. Public transport is essential to achieving these goals too. I do think that we need to be honest about our current public transport reality. Lack of coverage is the first issue I come across. I attempted to search out a solution on Maxx to get me from home in Hillcrest to work in Onehunga arriving by 7am on a weekday and low and behold - computer says "Sorry, no journeys match your current selection". If I'm happy to take over one and a half hours and arrive late then now worries. Then when suitable services are offered is there community uptake. An empty bus is a worthless bus. We need to look to look to ourselves and inspire others to make the change when a suitable public alternative is offered.
    I am heartened with the massive uptake of the Northern Bus Route and believe we can continue this success with community buy-in and additional service offerings.
    Although I enjoy the gorgeous views our northern motorway offers across the harbor, especially in the morning sunrise, initiatives such as TV or Wifi on the bus quickly help turn downtime time into productive time and would be readily supported if cost effective.
  1. Rates. North Shore City Council has failed to apply spending restraints and consequently we have all ended up paying higher rates for fewer services. The new Kaipatiki Local Board should ensure, as its top priority, that costs are controlled - and work with Council Controlled Organisations in making this happen
  2. Transport. The endless war between roading lobbyists and public transport lobbyists must stop. The community needs a mix of transport modes - but the biggest task is to develop traffic management plans which allow all forms of transport to work together.
  3. Community facilities. North Shore has developed a whole range of excellent facilities which meet a variety of social and sporting needs. The new Board must quickly assess the cost of maintaining and improving those facilities without needless expenditure on duplicating such facilities without sufficient demand.

No issues on file for Gary Thornton.

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    I support investment in town centres – they are the hub of each community. I will promote the establishment of strong urban design standards to ensure their is an emphasis on quality development and commission more public art works to build place-making, pride and local identity.
    My professional knowledge in spatial and landscape design underpins my interest in well-designed urban development as well as the protection of our built heritage and natural environments.

    The new Kaipatiki Local Board must ensure there is real accountability instead of lip service "consultation".

    Effective engagement with rate payers will be my key priority to ensure all sectors of the community have a real opportunity to contribute to the development of the three year community plan that will set the goals for the future plan and record community aspirations.

    I will promote;
    • The development of improved public transport options that cross the city and the introduction of an affordable integrated ticketing system.
    • The urgent expansion of ferry services to ease motorway congestion, including the development of the inner harbour ferry service and a ferry terminal at Beach Haven.
    • A clear and definitive decision on the next harbour crossing (tunnel option)– and the subsequent development of pedestrian and cycle access across the existing bridge.

    The careful stewardship of rate payers money is a fundamental responsibility of the local board members and I will work to ensure that all funding decisions that fall under the delegated powers of the local board are based on community benefit and represent good value for money.


    I support the retention of the established community partnership model that allows community organisations to add value to every aspect of community development.

    I will support the celebration of our diverse communities through events and community development opportunities

No issues on file for Jennifer Yorke.