Electing 1 Councillor

  1. Rural representation : Rural Voice - 80-85% of the Region is rural land, and where approximately 60% of Auckland's food is produced. The rural production sector is also responsible for much of the export earnings for the region. It is important that this sector is strongly represented by an experienced councillor so that its economy remains viable and has the ability to grow. I will ensure there is a Rural Industry Group Forum where this sector can have input to policy. I will also be looking for flexible, innovative ways to deliver public transport to rural and other isolated communities and for those people with limited mobility.
  2. Decisions on Environmental Management - although many of the region's decisions will be made by Council Controlled Organisations, environmental policy development and its implementation will be a strong focus of the Governing Body. A new Sustainable Management Programme has been prepared by ARC, dividing the region up into 8-9 catchments which will have differing issues and challenges but under one Council will be easier to manage. Air quality, water resources and stream management, coastal issues such as pollution, safety, aquaculture, marinas and moorings, mangrove management, will all be issues that I have experience in making decisions with policy and implementation. I will continue to endorse and seek further funding for EnviroSchools and WasteWise Schools, and Ecocare groups.
  3. Strategic Planning - Legislation requires the Auckland Council to produce a Spatial Plan (landbased) which will be a high level document directing Auckland growth, development of infrastructure and services that will enhance the economy and wellbeing of the people. I believe a Marine Spatial Plan should also be prepared as 84% or the region is water and there are many competing and diverse users for this space - it needs to be managed holistically. The outgoing ARC has already reviewed the Regional Policy Statement and prepared a draft, ready for notification to the public for submissions. This when finalised will be the foundation for the management of the Region. As one who assisted with the preparation of this RPS, I will be ready to hit the road running, fully conversant with its content. I will not need the usual 2-3 years "to find out what it is all about".
  4. Council Controlled Organisations - until the third Bill, there was little control that the Auckland Council would have over these CCO's, with its appointed Boards, spending about 80% of the region's income. With the enactment of the third Bill, they must now prepare SOI's, report quarterly to the Council, meet with Local Boards and hold public meetings. All may be disbanded by the Council after 2012 should the Council wish to take their assets and responsibilities back in-house, except Watercare which must remain until 2015 and Auckland Transport which will need an Act of Parliament to disband. It will be a big challenge for Councillors to manage the CCO's and their performance, to ensure that people appointed to the Boards are worthy of the position, or replace them with those who will perform to give effect to the Councils policy and plans.
  5. Local Boards, Community and Community Groups - Baseline responsibilities for Local Boards should be announced prior to 1 November. These must give the greatest local decision-making powers to the Boards - if there are others that I believe need to be delegated to the Boards who will be making decisions on behalf of local communities, I will do my utmost to see this occurs, with funding made available to accomplish this.I will continue to work closely with community groups, providing information and resources as I have done for 12 years, and encourage Local Board Members of each subdivision to meet with me as Ward Councillor out in the communities at regular intervals, for feedback.
    I will be following up within Council and its budget, contestible funds available for community groups to empower them to enhance their environment, and provide facilities for club and community use. These may be made available either through Local Boards or the Governing Body of Councillors.

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  1. Decrease bureaucratic paperwork and improve decision making and application approval processing speed and DECREASE the Property Rates Assessment values back to 2008 levels.
  2. Stop Stevenson's Industrial Park in South Drury-Ramarama area.
  3. Implement and Improve public transport throughout the whole of Franklin area and the rest of the Super City.
  4. Promote park and sport accommodations specifically for our older generations as well as for our physically impaired citizens.
  5. Feasibility and possible implementation of a high voltage wind-turbine farm alongside the Western Coastal Boundary.