Electing 6 Board Members

No issues on file for Mary-Anne Benson-Cooper.

  1. Youth engagement and involvement across the board. Avenues for greater expression of the youth culture.
  2. A strong, efficient, cheap and fluid transport system spanning over ferries, buses and bicycles.
  3. Safer, stronger and more open neighbourhoods which promote true community growth and facilities to encourage this.
  4. Conservation and preservation of natural environment such as beaches, parks and reserves with greater access and visibility of Devonport and Takapuna's natural beauty.
  5. Takapuna revitalization through consulting on and implementing the Strategic Framework.

No issues on file for Kevin Brett.

  1. Preserve our Environment
    The Devonport-Takapuna area is blessed with beautiful beaches, volcanic cones, parks and lake. We need to preserve and possibly add to these for our use, local and foreign tourism, and future generations. Some infrastructure and growth development is necessary but whether for transport or use by different stakeholders we must seriously consider demand, design, and impact on current residents, business, tourism and future generations. Once spoiled our treasures are lost.
    Case in point: A projected ferry wharf for Takapuna Beach.
  2. Community Identity
    Devonport-Takapuna’s city, towns and local communities have communally perceived self images. Each area needs to specifically identify and articulate what makes them special and ensure that this becomes a vision that is preserved and adhered to with future development.
    Case in point: Resident dissatisfaction with high-rise plans for Milford.
  3. Complete Projects
    Expensive projects have been undertaken without considering how or when the “dots” will be joined.
    Case in point: The bus stations need a regular and reliable small bus shuttle service and possibly parking (underground), to work effectively.
  4. Hasten Access
    Devonport-Takapuna is pleased with many aspects of its peninsular isolation but it is heavily dependent upon access to and from Auckland for much of its employment and tourism opportunities.
    Case in point: Distant completion time of future harbour crossing.
  5. Dig Down
    To preserve our environment unsightly or intrusive developments should go underground.
    Case in point: Car parks and access to Auckland.
  1. That our local communites within the Devonport-Takapuna Local Board Area retain both their identity and what they value.
  2. That our communities are vibrant, friendly, caring and safe places to life, work and play
  3. Fiscal Responsibility-and that the local board's financial envelop is appropriately funded for the responsibilities and functions it is required to carry out.
  4. That local people can influence what happens in their street and neighbourhood.
  5. That the new Devonport-Takapuna Local Board is able to make decisions on local issues

No issues on file for Shane Coleman.

  1. Transport for Everyone

    Auckland’s transport system makes it slow and expensive to get around. Roads are clogged with traffic, buses are infrequent, ferries are expensive and the trains run late.
    Shore Voice believes public transport should be reliable, affordable and frequent, and provide real travel choices, making it easier for people to leave their cars at home.

    We will support:

    - Introducing a smartcard integrated ticket system
    - Extending the Northern Busway to Orewa
    - New ferry terminals for Bayswater, Beach Haven and Hobsonville
    - Advancing third-crossing tunnel option, future-
    proofed for rail
    - Improving school bus service
    - Safer walking and cycling option
    - Completing Auckland’s motorways
    - Developing a high occupancy vehicle (HOV) network
  2. Community First

    North Shore's natural assets, community values and quality of life are the reasons so many of us choose to live here.

    Under the new system, the challenge for elected representatives is to protect the 'jewels' in our communities and all those things that make this a special place to work, rest and play.

    We pledge to:

    - Preserve our unique community partnership model for the delivery of community services
    - Protect and enhance our natural assets: open space, bush reserves and pristine beaches
    - Promote sporting activities for all ages as an essential feature of healthy communities
    - Preserve our libraries as valued centres for learning and inspiration
  3. Environment

    Economic and social forces have driven the formation of the new Super City. But the quality of Auckland as a place to live, and to invest, is largely due to the quality of its environment.

    So it’s vital that we protect our most valuable asset, and put it at the heart of our decision-making.

    Shore Voice will:

    - Ensure a partnership exists between development and conservation
    - Improve water quality in our streams and coastal waters through effective stormwater management.
    - Ensure our beaches, bush and open spaces remain a priority in future planning.
    - Listen to our communities in developing the guiding documents for regional development.
    - Create genuine transport options, and ensure people can work close to where they live
  4. Financial Management

    Above all, financial management in local government is about the care of other people’s money.

    The careful stewardship of council funds is paramount to the Shore Voice candidates. We take that duty seriously.

    After all, the local government dollar can only be spent once.

    We will:

    - Ensure fairness and equity in rating, now and in the future
    - Explore non-rates sources of revenue
    - Make sure funding decisions are based on community benefit and value for money
    - ShoreVoice pledges to act with these interests in mind to protect ratepayers from the potential aggressive effects of generalizing the rating base.

No issues on file for Ivan Dunn.

  1. The environment e.g. no high rise in Milford
  2. Transport options e.g. harbour crossing
  3. Community infrastructure e.g. free access to sports fields, quality arts, community and sport facilities
  4. Heritage values e.g. preserving heritage values in Devonport

No issues on file for Dianne Hale.

No issues on file for Martin Lawes.

No issues on file for Ken McKay.


    Better communication between community and board. We don't want another case of litigation to force a community boad to listen!


    Affordable rates
    Accountability for spending
    Comprehensive budgeting
    Protection from Super City overspending

    We don't want a clique with a pre set agenda fast tracking their personal plans & over-riding the people's voice.

    Planning for our communities and their futures, not to line the pockets of outside investors.


    With New Zealand's largest urban coastline, and a rich creative & sporting heritage our assets are worth protecting & celebrating.
  1. Waste Minimization This a serious future issue for Auckland as the population grows. Rubbish bags, if replaced by wheelie our rates by $200.00. Currently our waste management charges on our rates are $23.90 (for the street rubbish bins) However Manukau charges $300.00 & gives out bags. Auckland charges $185.00 & a large wheelie.NSCC was the first Council to introduce pay as you go bags & initially decreased the land fill by 46%.

  2. Public transport. It will grow if it is economical, frequent and well marketed. Currently users are turned off by obscure timetables, confusing services and lack of bus lanes. An efficient transport system will decrease our worst nightmare - traffic congestion. Jan has made many submissions to the Auckland Regional Transport Authority to this effect.As a daily bus commuter she petitioned council while on the Community Board to extend the Esmonde Road bus lane. For many years she gave submissions to Auckland City Council to endeavour to get better facilities in the city for North Shore bus commuters. This is ongoing as she believes both the Birkenhead and Takapuna/Bayswater terminals in the CBD need upgrading.
    Ferry tickets prices should include the price of the connection bus. This would lead to less cars being parked all day at terminals and help decongest the connecting roads. The introduction of integrated ticketing is urgently needed.
  3. A new harbour crossing should be urgently implemented. The harbour bridge clip-ons have only 20 years life in them before major upgrading . The time for talking is well and truly over. Jan believes that tunnels are the only option.
  4. The cost of the restructuring of the new city has never been fully explained. Taking into account the creation of a single rating system, one district plan, a common set of by-laws, the merging of computer & information systems, billing, payroll and redundancies the cost could rise as much as $300m.
  5. New Auckland rates will be struck in 2012.

    They must be transparent. North Shore ratepayers are not mushrooms to be kept in the dark

    The incoming Council must cuts its coat to suit the cloth. Ratepayers must not be looked upon as not milch cows.
  1. Real travel choices - better public transport and safer walking and cycling.

    I will work for improved public transport throughout the local board area.

    More frequent off-peak services and integrated ticketing so that you have real travel choices whenever and however you wish to get from A to B.

    A ferry terminal at Bayswater which provides all weather protection for ferry users.

    An improved Devonport ferry terminal which meets the needs of commuters and visitors to Devonport.

    Safer streets - slower speeds and better road design - to make walking and cycling safer and more pleasant options, especially around schools and town centres.

    The Local Board will need to work with Auckland Transport to achieve better better public transport and less congested roads across our area.
  2. Well maintained parks and reserves, clean beaches and streams.

    I will work for sports fields and playgrounds that meet the needs of all the community.

    Parks and reserves play an important role in connecting our communities through off-road walking and cycling routes.

    I will continue to champion improvements to walking and cycling routes and facilities throughout our area.

    I will ensure that the gains made by Project Care continue to deliver cleaner, healthier streams and beaches.
  3. Protection of the unique heritage and character of the many communities which make up the new board area.

    I will work to protect heritage buildings and landscapes which rellect the character and history of our many communities.

    I will work with local residents' groups to ensure the aspirations and concerns of individual communities are heard.

    i will encourage the formation of Neighbourhood Support groups to help create safer communities where people know their neighbours.
  4. Town centres and neighbourhood hubs developed in accordance with the expectations of local residents and businesses.

    I will work to ensure town centre plans, that have community and business support, obtain sufficient funding to be implemented in a timely manner.

    I will work with business associations, local residents, and landowners to ensure town centres large and small remain vibrant and viable retail centres meeting the needs of their local communities and contributing to the citywide economy.

  5. Libraries, arts centres, community centres and other community facilities and community activities that continue to receive sufficient funding to meet the needs of their community.

    I will ensure planned community projects receive the funding needed to be progressed in a timely manner.

    I will work to ensure community activities continue to receive sufficient funding.

    I will champion the needs of young people, older people and people with disabilities in our community.

No issues on file for Kevin Schwass.

No issues on file for Michael Sheehy.

  1. Promote Strong Leadership

    Auckland needs strong leadership both at the local and city levels. I’m prepared to put my hand up for the local Board and to be accountable for what I do.
  2. Remember who we work for

    Local Boards must try and meet the needs of the community they represent. They must be transparent and accountable to the people of our community who must be listened to and their needs responded to.
  3. Environment and support for local business

    Like many people I love what Devonport and Takapuna have to offer in terms of environment, coastline and beaches. These have to be accessible to the public as well as protected from damage and pollution. Local business is important and Local Boards must give as much support as possible to them.
  4. Delivery of local body services

    I will make every effort to ensure that the standard of services delivered to the public is maintained at their current levels, in particular rubbish removal and maintenance of public areas.
  5. Safety

    Devonport and Takapuna are relatively safe areas and we would all like to see them remain this way. I shall do what I am able to see that the resources are available to safeguard our public areas and schools.

No issues on file for Valerie Winn.